Bridge DGTX

Digital strategic
and operational consulting

Our advisory services

Strategy & Branding

Our strategists can help you articulate your brand in the digital world and implement plans to bring it to life across your online presence.

Digital audit and strategy

In depth review of existing digital initiatives and presence and recommendations for development.

By carrying out these tasks, you'll be able to assess which gaps need attention in your overall approach to digital and where to focus your investment.

Content audit and strategy

In depth evaluation, gap analysis, content planning and distribution towards bespoke brand, business and user need criteria.

By carrying out a content audit and strategy for your business, you'll gauge which content to re-work, create and curate in order to achieve your business objectives.

Campaign and communications activity review

High level evaluation of current digital marketing campaigns and communications to identify areas for improvement.

By carrying out this review, you'll be able to understand which campaign/activity performs better in acquiring new audiences and retaining existing ones.

Digital positioning analysis

Competitors positioning mapping in the digital landscape.

By doing this, you'll be able to monitor your position compared to your competitors and adopt corrective or preemptive actions to gain leadership.

Digital branding

Development of digital identity and behaviour for the digital environment.

By developing your digital brand, you'll ensure your brand behaves consistently with your audience across a plethora of digital platforms, devices and channels.

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