Bridge DGTX

Digital strategic
and operational consulting

Our advisory services

Operations & Governance

Our consultants are expert in understanding digital processes and capabilities so they can recommend the ones you need for your business to evolve.

Digital transformation

Changing the way you run your digital activities so your business can thrive.

Better use of your resources and your personnel, improved time to market, improved customer satisfaction.

Capabilities audit, analysis and recommendations

Evaluation, analysis and recommendations regarding the quality of the digital capabilities in your team and how to address potential gaps.
It allows you to focus your investments and your efforts where it makes a difference.

Team review and redesign

Reorganisation of teams so they can execute the digital strategy of your organisation.
It allows you to redefine how your team is best set-up for succeeding in digital.

Internal teams management

Overseeing and managing your internal teams to deliver on your digital strategy.
It frees your time from day-to-day management of digital activities so you can focus on the vision for your business.

Internal process review and redesign

Mapping and analysis of your existing processes to manage digital within your business.
It allows you to identify and address inefficiencies in your digital workflow.

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