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Digital Media, Social & Performance

Our consultants are expert in analysing and measuring where and when to engage your customers so you can focus your investment where it matters.

Campaign and social activity review and strategy

Analysis of how well your campaign and social media activities have performed based on agreed criteria and development of bespoke recommendations for your specific objectives.

By carrying out this analysis we can assess how your social and campaign activities have performed and gather learnings for future activities. We use this information as a basis to allocate investment and make decisions on how and where to engage your customers.

SEO, SEM audit and strategy

In-depth analysis of search engine and search marketing activities to identify gaps and provide recommendations for improvement.

By carrying out these activities we can develop the most appropriate SEO and SEM recommendations.

Digital content distribution and measurement

An evaluation of what platforms, devices and channels are used to distribute your digital content and how well they work.

By understanding how your content is distributed and how it performs, we can develop recommendations targeted on making the most of what you have.

CRM review and strategy

A top level investigation of your CRM activity, often carried out in conjunction with your content and data review.

By understanding the strength and weaknesses of your customer relationship activity we can recommend how to best address gaps in creating digital relationships with your customers.

Social audit and strategy

An in-depth analysis of your social media and social content activities.

By carrying out this activity we can recommend what content you need to invest in and on which platforms in order to achieve your objectives.

Influencer outreach programme

Our social analysts can identify the most relevant influencers relative to your audience and category and can develop and deliver a bespoke programme for your brand.

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