Bridge DGTX

Digital strategic
and operational consulting

Our advisory services

Design & UX

Our designers can evaluate the experience and creativity across your online presence and benchmark it with current trends and competitors in your industry.

UX, UI, IA audit and analysis

A detailed investigation of how accessible and usable your digital information is on your platforms.

By analysing your website’s usability and accessibility, we can identify issues and recommend actions that create a better, easier experience for your customers

Design and creative review

A top level analysis of how your user experience is designed compared to competitors and how well it represents your business or brand.

By understanding how you creatively represent your brand to the world, we can recommend the appropriate actions to improve your image and communication.

Persona development and customer journeys

A bespoke written representation of the users of your online platforms and the journey they take on it.

By applying these tools to your digital experience, we can help you focus your investment on the functionalities and content that matter to your core users.

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