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Data, Insights & Research

We don’t believe in big data. We believe in good ones. Those that help you make smarter decisions.

Our analysts can gather and review a plethora of data with measurement tools. They can develop market, customer and digital insights for your business. Using proprietary technology, they can also create a bespoke dashboard so you know how your digital activities are performing.

Social, website, mobile and app analytics

Collection and analysis of social website, mobile and app data.

By collecting and interpreting the appropriate metrics for your digital activity we can evaluate how past projects performed for your business and plan which future ones to develop.

Bespoke measurement framework

A tailor-made, structured approach for your digital metrics and linking them to your business.

By creating a framework we can put your digital metrics into the context of your business and make decisions accordingly.

Objectives, benchmarks and KPI setting

As part of the framework development, this activity sets the parameters to evaluate success.

By providing objectives, benchmarks and KPIs we can assess whether we can set an objective way to evaluate success.

Data strategy review

High level investigation of how data travels in your business to identify areas of improvement in your data governance, tools, databases and data management solutions.

By carrying out this investigation we can determine and recommend what data to gather and how to use them in order to profile your customers and develop CRM activities.

Bespoke analytics dashboard development

Development of customised platforms to analyse relevant metrics all in one place.

By accessing all relevant data in one place you can understand how your digital activities are performing for you in an integrated manner.

Market intelligence

Bespoke market analysis from a digital point of view to identify opportunities, develop a strategy and making informed decisions.

By understanding the market from a digital point of view, we can recommend what business opportunities to pursue and can develop strategies to achieve them.

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